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Bowmaster 2 for Android Released!

The long-awaited successor to Bowmaster is out and this time it’s available for Android! The much requested sequel is available for download on Google Play now!

Click here to check it out!

  1. N. Amedei03-10-15

    Great. Installed and started playing.

    Still, I wish you’d bring the original Bowmaster also to Android. It is one of the - I think - only 2 games I miss after switching from iOS to Android…

  2. Ola Lindberg03-20-15

    Understandibly it’s taken a lot of work to make this game available for Android, and therefore updates for the iPhone version have had to wait. But what are the plans now? Will we be able to meet the last two of the merry five any time soon? I’ve been looking forward to that for quite some time now, as I’m sure everyone else who enjoy this great game also has.

    • admin03-20-15

      Hi Ola,

      Thanks for your message. We are currently porting Bowmaster 1 to a new engine, which will take some time before we can work on updates to Bowmaster 2.


  3. Charles05-23-15

    Just adding onto Ola’s message. Any timeline yet for an update on Bowmaster 2?

    • admin05-24-15

      Hi Charles,

      We don’t have a date for the update yet.

  4. Lil'102-02-16

    Are the last 2 of the merry 5 available or am I missing something to move on from #3?

    • admin02-03-16

      Hi, the final levels are not implemented yet

  5. svetlin02-24-16

    do you work on the next levels for bm2 for Android?
    can we the android users expect bm1 to be released for Android too?


    • admin02-26-16

      Hi Svetlin,
      We are not currently working on levels for BM 2, but we might publish BM1 for Android in the near future.

      • svetlin04-07-16

        hi. tnx for the reply. looking forward to get bm1 back on my phone.
        I am disappointed to hear there won’t be an update with the rest of the lvls for bm2. i would have been happy to pay to get them. the beginning package gets a bit boring after a while.