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Pumpkin Punch!

Pumpkin Punch







Download Pumpkin Punch for Windows: Pumpkin Punch 0.2


We have created this little game to test the Razer Hydra controllers in combination with the Oculus Rift headset. If you have both of these devices why not literally try your hands at being a fruit punching, boxing glove wielding skeleton in a graveyard!?

You can purchase our Exploding Fruit package from the Unity Asset Store to implement into your own Unity games:

Hardware/Software Requirements

– Windows operating system
– Razer Hydra motion sensing controllers
– Oculus Rift headset

Game set up and calibration

Being a ‘punch-em-up’ type of game, we recommend you allow plenty of clearance around you so as not to damage any equipment. Follow the in game instructions closely when calibrating. If something doesn’t feel quite right after calibration, you can easily recalibrate at any time before or during the game by pressing button number 4 on the left controller of the Razer Hydra. Try to sit in line with the Razer Hydra base at all times as veering off will reduce the accuracy of it’s signal reception.

Note: You can bypass level 1 and jump straight into level 2 by pressing the right start button on the Razer Hydra controller after the calibration phase.

Aim of the Game

Level 1 is designed to ease you into the way everything works. Listening carefully to the unique sounds of the projectile launches will give you an edge in preparing yourself for what is to come. Merely blocking a projectile will give you some points but you will be rewarded more for smashing them. You have a limited health indicator which is visible on the sign board to your left. Your current and high scores are also displayed there.

In addition to scoring points, smashing a projectile will increase your health by 1 point. Taking a hit will reduce your health by a varying amount depending on the size of the projectile. The game ends when your health is reduced to zero.

Level 2 is a more challenging survival mode where you can continue playing as long as you are able to cope with the ever increasing waves of projectiles. In this level there is an additional special way to replenish a large percentage of your health. See if you can find out how!