Bowmaster is the Top Paid App in Germany


Bowmaster is now #2 of Paid Apps in the USA and in Germany


Bowmaster Update in Progress

Based upon your feedback, we are currently working on some new features for Bowmaster. Here is what to expect in upcoming updates:

  • Practice mode for all levels. Option to practice on unlocked levels without an opponent in an open-ended manner
  • Calibration. Option to adjust tilt center position and tilt sensitivity
  • Activating existing "Inverse Tilt" option will also inverse vertical tilt

Thanks for all your valuable feedback. Keep shooting suggestions our way!


Bowmaster achieves #4 Position of Paid Apps in the USA

We aimed high and hit fourth position in the US charts of all Paid Apps. Our thanks go out to all the Merry men and women who supported us over the past months.

We are thrilled with the reception and the great reviews our game has received so far. Keep an eye on us, we are planning and working on adding exciting new features you have all been asking for.


Bowmaster 1.0 Relased

Draw your bow, take aim and release your inner Robin Hood in the most immersive archery experience. Glide your fingers across the touchscreen
just as you would handle a real bow and arrow with your hands.

Assume the role of a bowman who aspires to join the Merry Five and become their new leader, the Bowmaster. Achieve this by challenging each member in a one-on-one archery contest where skill and determination are key to overcoming each of the opponent's unique strengths.

Aim high and strike true to better other bowmen's online scores and become the worldwide Bowmaster!